synthetic velvet
a digital love letter to time
issue II three ten

She looked through the window and saw kids playing outside; people were napping in the park.

Priorities seemed far away and her thoughts wandered; everything felt remote, inaccessible, too ordinary.

3:10 pm, the ultimate afternoon hour;
it was too late or too early for anything.

synthetic velvet is a Berlin-based art project and magazine imaginatively exploring the concept of time. It focuses on one specific hour per issue and builds a different website for each edition.

For its second issue, synthetic velvet explores 3:10 pm.
This mid-afternoon hour is usually thought of a time of restfulness and play - when the sun shines and naps begin. But behind its luminous surface, Three Ten is also an unpopular hour associated with boredom, “afternoon slumps”, and work-related anxieties. In this issue, we grapple with this tension between fun and fatigue - how do we imagine 3:10 pm?

7 artists contributed with exclusive works spanning illustration, photography, collage, make-up, and video. They were entirely free to create anything they wanted - the only constraint was to create works inspired by 3:10 pm.

A celebration of time through code, this issue brings all the works together into an imaginative digital object.

// launched October 2019

contributors: Mio Ary with the participation of Adam, Izumi, Kohki Hasei, Kondo, Masako, Pianola, and Tatsuhiko, Sofia Hjortberg, Audrey Kadjar, Camila Malenchini, Pauline Maure, Madrona Redhawk, Majla Zeneli
founder, art direction, web development: Audrey Kadjar